Q: What kind of entertainment do you have ?
A: We have dancers who will showcase a variety of dance style from different tribal nations,  we have demonstrators who will teach primitive skills and we will have contemporary Native musicians who will entertain with there unique style of music.
Q: Will there be food sold at festival ?
A: Yes, we usually have 7-8 food vendors serving both traditional Native foods like buffalo burgers and frybread as well as more common fair food such as hotdogs. chicken nuggets and ice cream.
Q: Are dogs allowed ?
A: Yes, we welcome our four legged friends, all we ask is that they are well behaved, you keep them on a leash and that you pickup after them.
Q: Is it appropriate to wear an Indian costume/headdress ?
A: NO, please do not come dressed as an" Indian ". While we know some people believe this is a way to honor Native Americans it is in fact the opposite, What Natives wear is not a costume, it is an important part of their culture so please respect our wishes.
Q: Can we take pictures ?
A: Yes, we welcome photography at our event but please be respectful.
You can take pictures of dancers and demonstrators in the arena unless you are specifically asked not to (e.g. a special or ceremonial dance )
Outside the arena you may take pictures of individual performers but always ask permission first.
Q: Is there additional charge for parking ?
A: No, the only charge is individual admission and camping fees if you are staying overnight.