The Red Boyz drum will help keep the beat again this year. The drum is the heartbeat of any Native gathering and the Red Boys have traveled the country sharing their traditional songs, some going back many generations.

Crowd favorites Shelley Morningsong & Fabian Fontenelle will return in 2020. Shelley is an award winning singer and songwriter, Fabian is an original member of Native American Dance Theater. Together they offer a unique performance that brings the spirit and traditions of Native America to life.

Also returning this year is Luis Salinas and his family of Aztec dancers. Originally from Mexico City, Luis and his family have shared their songs and dances with people all over the country. This is a fun and exciting performance not to be missed.

Joining us for the first time this year is

Jim Sawgrass. Jim is a Muscogee Creek who has been a teacher and educator for over 30 years. Jim will be setup with his Eastern style hunters camp and plains style tipi. 

Our 2020 Schedule

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